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The world is more and more preoccupied with a healthy living, as the search for food supplements is trending especially in the last decades. Earth still provides us an immense amount of good raw ingredients, therefore is in our power to take and use them properly, to combine them with the help of science and to offer it to people. But in a responsible manner, with care for sustainability and environment protection. Made properly, the food supplements are a great source of minerals, vitamins and a lot of other ingredients to ensure people’s vitality, and energy on a daily basis.

At Naturalia Labs we carefully select only trusted ingredients, formulas, and suppliers, therefore we proudly stand behind each and every product we offer. Made out of pure passion for the science of nature, Naturalia Labs’s strong commitment is the continuous search for the perfect formula of various products while respecting the Earth and people. And this is our firm promise towards our customers.


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Taking this for some time and I can tell it works. I ordered this formula due to physician recommendation for garlic and niacin combination as best fighters against bad cholesterol. After a blood test, it lowered overall cholesterol by 15 points. Even better, LDL is down to 77 and I hope it will keep going down to normal. Taken with meals as directed, there’s no flush and no heartburns. I’m really happy it works!

Iulia P.

I tried this product in my never ending search for assistance with my digestive problems. Prescription drugs assist with one problem only and other over the counter remedies are only partially successful. Naturalia's Ultra Enzyme System relieves many problems, some that I had not realized was connected to my digestion dysfunction. I did try another brand for a week at first, but I have decided that this brand works better. I hope to be able to use this product indefinitely.

Carol J. B.

Almost instantly i felt an energy boost, witch in turn helped me stay more focused throughout the day. This supplement leaves my brain feeling sharp and more focused. i think due to Ginko Biloba mostly