Enzyme supplements make your digestion easier

Digestive enzyme supplements promise to ease digestion, removing bloating, nausea and other inconvenience, including when taking copious meals.

The role of the digestive system is to decompose foods into simpler, more assimilated substances. For this, he uses enzymes, proteins that hurry biochemical processes in the body.

They are secreted by four different organs: the salivary glands, the stomach, the pancreas and the small intestine. Each organ releases a certain combination of enzymes that are needed at some point in digestion.

Digestion depends largely on the existence of digestive enzymes. If one of them is missing, it’s enough you cannot eat food. For example, if the small intestine does not secrete enough enzymes called lactase, the person has lactose intolerance. This means that lactose cannot be digested, and the effects are known: bloating, diarrhea, stomach pain, nausea.

For proper digestion, all enzymes need to be secreted in sufficient amounts. However, some experts say, because of the wrong diet, the digestive system can not work at full capacity, so some enzymes may not be secreted in sufficient quantities.

The symptoms are less obvious than in the case of intolerance and may be attributed to other problems. It’s about bloating, gas, too full stomach, lack of energy, extra pounds.

In order to combat them, “supplementation” with digestive enzymes has been “invented”, which is done through medication. It seems that they bring the digestive system a combination of enzymes that ease the entire digestion process. Not only do you get rid of unpleasant symptoms, but you can eat more than you need without suffering after eating.

Indeed, some manufacturers say, supplements with digestive enzymes help and weaken it, because obesity would be caused, among other things, by poor digestion.

Enzyme supplementation is still a controversial topic, opponents of the theory claiming digestion is a too complicated process to influence it so easily. Supplements are in the form of pills that, once in the stomach, are decomposed by acids and natural enzymes secreted by the body.

It is not known whether synthetic enzymes can survive this process, and if they survive it is not known if they can get where they are needed. In fact, it is not known whether the digestive system recognizes these supplements as enzymes or eliminates them as any other substance that is not necessary.

On the other hand, many of those who suffer from lactose intolerance say they feel better when taking lactose pills, an enzyme that their body can not produce.

If you feel that your digestion is not right, you can try supplements with synthetic enzymes, of course, provided there is no contraindication and after consulting your doctor.

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