Garlic, your precious ally against cholesterol

Garlic prevents heart disease, reduces blood cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.

It’s true that garlic smells and bothers and many people do not eat it just for this reason, but that’s why there are food supplements to help you get rid of such problems.

Increased cholesterol may result in cerebral attack or atherosclerosis, by deposition on blood vessels and by impeding blood circulation.

Thanks to Allicin, the well-known substance, also present in onions, which has the capacity to dilate the walls of the blood vessels, garlic prevents strokes and reduces tension in the arteries.

It has also been found that garlic also has a diuretic action. Helping to remove the water retained in the body, also reduces the tension.

It is a real pharmacy, containing significant amounts of vitamins, A, B1, B2, and C, but also minerals such as phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, iodine, silicon, and calcium. In addition, it contains phytohormones, hormone-like substances, which help remove toxins from the body.

Smokers who consume garlic or onions daily are less exposed to lung cancer, all of which eliminates some of the negative effects of smoking.

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